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Jesus Prayer 33


Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

The Jesus Prayer, also know as “The Prayer of the Heart” is an ancient and beautiful prayer of the Christian East. Repeated many times consecutively, it is a prayer which allows us to stand in the presence of the Lord, focusing on Him and asking for His mercy. This prayer has been an incredible guide for many people as they come to know the Lord and is a true weapon for engaging in spiritual combat.

Why pray the Jesus Prayer?
​There are all sorts of prayers, what makes the Jesus prayer so special?

     The first words of the Lord’s public ministry should never be far from a Christian’s heart (Mark   1:15). The Jesus prayer is a prayer of repentance, a “turning back” to the Lord.      

     The global situation has very quickly shown us the illusion of our assumed security. Our strength as Christians always rests in the name of the Lord and His strength. We need the Lord! When we are tempted to turn to other supports in our daily lives, we need a reminder that Christ is the Victor; the one who saves. The Jesus prayer is a prayer of constantly calling upon the name of Jesus, surrendering to Him and deepening our relationship with Him.  

      We need spiritual peace now more than ever. Social media is increasingly present in our daily lives.  We must be on guard in our hearts not to let these forms of communication replace “communication” with “connection” and disintegrate or dissipate our zeal. The Jesus prayer teaches us to “watch our thoughts,” recognize temptations, and trains us to focus on the Lord, even amidst distractions.


If you are interested in learning more about this simple yet powerful prayer, you are invited to participate in a Jesus Prayer 33 Challenge. 


What is the Jesus Prayer 33 Challenge?

The JP 33 Challenge is an opportunity to grow in your relationship with Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.  Jesus said no-one shall come to Father except through me. The challenge takes place over 40 days usually during the Pre-Nativity or Lenten Fast when we are encouraged to increase our prayer, fasting and almsgiving. It is a combination of praying, learning, reflecting, and sharing with others in fellowship and support of spiritual growth.  


Why take this Challenge in the first place?
Through this challenge you will develop a habit of praying the Jesus Prayer daily… 33 times… for 40 days. This practice will deepen your relationship with the Lord and change your life forever. Weekly videos, readings and reflections create an awareness and dedication to this simple yet amazing and powerful prayer which encourages participants to constantly seek Jesus.


Are you ready for a challenge?

The next Jesus Prayer 33 Challenge will be announced within the parishes either online or in person.

We hope that you will join us for a challenge, and we pray that through it we may truly “live a life of peace and repentance”

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